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Habit Core + DNA Import

Understand your unique nutritional needs. Import your genetic data from AncestryDNA or 23andMe, complete the Habit test kit, and receive your personalized nutrition plan based on your results.

Already have 23andMe or
AncestryDNA test results?

The Habit kit tests your metabolism, DNA and body metrics. If you already have DNA results from 23andMe or AncestryDNA, we won’t need to retest your DNA and you can save $100.

$299 $199

We accept HSA/FSA payments. Check your plan for coverage as individual plans will vary.

*Currently not available in NY, NJ, and RI. Habit is not available for sale outside of the United States.

How it Works

We help you hear what your body has to say by translating your test results into a personalized nutrition plan


Order a Kit

Collect samples for the certified lab in the comfort of your own home



Learn about your DNA and metabolism, from how you handle macros to your heart health markers



See how your test results translate into a nutrition plan based on your body’s unique needs and your lifestyle


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Erika L.

"I am giving my body the right foods and the nutrients that it needs. For me, it's not just about size, it's about being healthier."

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Thierry A.

"It puts my specific protein, carb, fats, and vegetables into perspective... my perspective was way off before I had my results."

Common Questions

Habit's results also include your blood test results, including how your body responds to the carbs, fat, and protein in the Habit Challenge® Shake.

Your results are the foundation for your personalized nutrition plan, which is based on a holistic analysis of you: your blood indicators, genetic variants, lifestyle factors, and goals. By connecting the dots between these different factors, we can provide you with the most precise nutrition recommendations.

Your nutrition plan also translates your results into real foods: what your ideal plate looks like, the food groups you should aim for in a day, and which foods are especially nourishing for you.

Our recommendations aren't based on DNA alone, because your genes don't determine your destiny. For instance, having a genetic variant that has been reported to be associated with a higher-than-normal triglyceride level doesn't mean that you'll definitely have high triglycerides. Genetics is only one of the factors that influence your health. To get a more complete understanding of your biology, we analyze your blood work, lifestyle factors, and your body's response to the Habit Challenge® Shake.

No, we don't import all of your genetic data. When we create your results and nutrition plan, we look at only your relevant wellness-related genetic data. This includes any genetic variants that could have an impact on your Habit nutrition recommendations.

We use your biomarker information (including your genetic data) to provide you with nutrition recommendations, customize your user experience, and enhance our services.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details about the use of your information.

Also note that the information you see on Habit is not medical advice, and Habit services are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition or impairment. If you have questions about your health, please direct them to your doctor or other health care provider.

No, your nutrition plan and recommendations will be just as comprehensive as someone who completes a DNA test as part of Habit Core.

It may be possible to pay for Habit Core with your health savings account (HSA) or health flexible spending account (FSA). Check your plan for coverage as individual plans will vary.

In discussing plan coverage, you can tell your provider that the test is taken at home with blood samples and analyzed by our 3rd party CLIA/CAP accredited partner lab. The lab measures and analyzes the following:

Blood Sample:

  • Post-meal glucose – 30 and 120 minutes
  • Fasting glucose
  • C-peptide – 30 and 120 minutes
  • Fasting triglycerides
  • Post-meal triglycerides – 30 and 120 minutes
  • Total Cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol

Contact your insurance provider to discuss coverage. At-homes tests, like the Habit Nutrition Test included in Habit Core, are not typically covered by insurance. They may, however, be paid for with an HSA or FSA account. See Can I use my HSA or FSA account to pay for a test?

Contact Us

Have anymore questions? Feel free to contact us at support@habit.com

Want More Detail

Habit Nutrition Test Kit

Convenient at-home kit
  • Simple, illustrated guide and app walk you through the test.
  • Proprietary, clinically-validated Habit Challenge® Shake with the caloric and macronutrient equivalent of a large breakfast meal.
  • 3 finger-prick blood tests.
  • Pre-labeled, postage-paid mailer for sending your samples to the lab.

Qualified third-party laboratory
  • Samples processed by a CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory – Aegis Science Corporation.

Science-based system
  • Developed with Dr. Leroy Hood, MD, PhD and Dr. Ben Van Ommen, PhD, world-renowned scientists and leaders in systems biology.
  • 530+ scientific references have been used in the creation of our recommendation system.
  • 11,000+ hours have been spent designing recommendation decision trees and ensuring they're based on solid scientific evidence.

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Habit Nutrition Test Results*

Metabolic analysis
  • How your body handles carbs (we call it carb flexibility)
  • How your body handles fats (we call it fat flexibility)
  • Your protein need
  • Your best balance of carbs, fats, and protein

Sensitivity biomarkers
  • Caffeine sensitivity gene variant
  • Lactose sensitivity gene variants

Blood sugar biomarkers
  • Disposition index (blood sugar management)
  • C-peptide – 30 and 120 minutes (blood sugar management)
  • Post-meal glucose – 30 and 120 minutes (blood sugar levels)
  • Fasting glucose (blood sugar level)
  • Blood sugar management gene variants

Cholesterol biomarkers
  • Total Cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Cholesterol balance gene variants

Triglyceride biomarkers
  • Fasting triglycerides
  • Post-meal triglycerides–30 and 120 minutes
  • Triglyceride balance gene variant

Weight control biomarkers
  • Weight gain risk gene variants
  • Weight control gene variant

Nutrient-related genetic biomarkers
  • Omega-3 fatty acid production gene variants
  • Gene variants related to vitamin D blood levels
  • Gene variant related to folate metabolism

Physical performance biomarkers
  • Endurance gene variant
  • Physical strength gene variant

Heart health biomarkers
  • Blood pressure
  • Gene variants related to heart health
  • Gene variants associated with blood pressure

Self-reported biomarkers
  • Core waist measurement
  • Activity level
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Blood pressure
  • Age

*The Habit program is a nutrition and diet recommendation platform. Information available through Habit does not constitute medical advice, the Habit services are not intended to be used for any diagnostic purpose and are not a substitute for professional medical advice. The nutrition biology report contains nutrition-related blood and genetic results that are used to create nutrition and diet recommendations, coaching, and other nutrition products tailored to your personal health, needs, and goals.

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Habit Personalized Nutrition Plan

Personal nutrition plan
  • Eat without doubt – know what to eat and how much
  • Discover how to eat for your metabolism – designed for your ideal balance of carbs, fats, and protein
  • Meet your “Hero Foods”– foods rich in nutrients your body craves
  • Know what your ideal plate looks like
  • Receive personalized daily nutrient recommendations

Safe, sustainable weight-loss goal setting option
  • Enter your goal and we'll instantly adjust your plan so you can meet it.

Easy-to-navigate online plan
  • Access your plan securely on the web or on-the-go with the Habit app.

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Integration with your Fitbit®

Fitbit™ integration
  • Sync your Fitbit data with Habit's platform for real-time updates to your nutrition plan based on:
    • Calories burned
    • Weight and body fat percentage

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*Disclaimer: Habit does not guarantee weight loss results and results will vary. Weight loss with Habit is designed for no more than 1-2 pounds per week as part of a calorie-controlled diet and will depend on your individual goals. Habit takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes biology-based nutrition recommendations, digital tools like food journaling, activity tracking with FitBit®, community support, digital meal plans, recipes and goal tracking.